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Tamsin Calidas, author of the Sunday Times bestseller I Am An Island, collaborates with artist bookbinder Kate Rochester’s Hanbury Press to create A Wilder Voice, an exquisite hand-stitched and hand-bound book of words and new photographs. This beautiful edition vividly captures the life-changing sensory power of the Hebridean landscape and elements. Limited to only 300 copies, it is the perfect hand-made gift for those in search of a quiet space for nature in their busy lives.


For over a decade, I lived close to the wilds - daily immersing, irrespective of weather, storms or season, into the fierce seas, raw elements and often harsh landscape. At times of acute grief, challenge and loneliness, I was struck by how nature sustained me with a source of vitality and strength that never failed. Its regenerative power inspired a creative simplicity that flowed into all aspects of my existence, and forged my life differently. Its catalyst was simply nature’s light and raw animate grace.


A Wilder Voice by Tamsin Calidas

  • Tamsin Calidas is a writer and photographer living in the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides. A beekeeper, keen cold water sea swimmer, and highly skilled natural medicine and alternative health practitioner, Tamsin is known for her rehabilitation and rewilding efforts, and has initiated a conservation project to reintroduce and breed rare Scottish black bees. She studied English Language and Literature at Oxford University, specialising in Jungian Psychology and Celtic, Norse and Icelandic nature folklore.  Her ground-breaking non-fiction debut I Am An Island was published in 2020 to worldwide acclaim, & her second non-fiction memoir will be published in Spring 2023.   

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