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‘There is a fine chronicler of Exmouth and its estuary who calls himself Wayland Wordsmith. I have no idea who he is – except that he is a poet, a historian, an antiquary of the old kind, a sailor, a fisherman, an explorer, a lingerer over sunsets and dawns, a fierce enemy of the enemies of his town, a philosopher and a gifted writer of a terrific blog.' 

Tom Fort


"A beautiful object, a hand-sewn hand-bound pleasure to hold in your hand, a little work of art in itself, satisfyingly tactile in a world of digital screens, with its gold-embossed cover and perfect typography - that is what you are paying for: the poems themselves are priceless."

Lympstone Herald

Estuary Poems By Wayland Wordsmith

  • Handstitched and Handbound

    Bound in Blue Cloth

    Extent: 92 pages

    Includes 1 map illustrated by Richard Rochester

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