This book uses a single section and is bound along the spine with a running stitch. The cover and pages are sewn at once. It is a smart binding, perfect as small notebooks or for showcasing your work.

This structure has a long history in the Western world. The term pamphlet is derived from the main character of a love poem, Pamphilus seu de Amoe, written in the 12th century. The poem rose to popularlty, and the term pamphlet came to be associated with small pieces of writing after the character Pamphilus.


Today, pamphlet structures are still used as conservation structures and are commonly found in zines, brochures, music, and other ephemera.


You will receive a kit (pictured) that allows you to create two pamphlet books using different coloured covers (finished books pictured), and get introduced to specialist bookbinding tools as well as some basic book-binding techniques. 


* Please note that some items may differ slightly from images shown, dependent on available suppliers.


Learn How To Make A Pamphlet Book: Course + Kit

  • 1 x Paper creaser
    1 x Awl
    2 x 6 sheets of text paper
    2 x Card covers
    1 x Template
    1 x Needle
    1 x Thread