This wonderfully versatile book resembles a concertina, an instrument similar to an accordion. It is a stitch-less, folded binding that can be creatively adapted to a large range of projects.


This ancient binding method was one of the first bindings to take the book form, it can be read like a book, but its contents are displayed on one continuous folded sheets.


Here you will learn the principles of concertina binding, as well as one method of casing the concertina with cloth covered hard covers.

You will receive a kit (pictured) that allows you to create two concertina books using different coloured cloths (finished books pictured), and get introduced to specialist bookbinding tools as well as some basic book-binding techniques. 


* Please note that some items may differ slightly from images shown, dependent on available suppliers.

Make a Concertina Book: Course + Kit

  • This kit contains:

    1 x Bone folder
    1 x Paste brush
    1 x Pot of bookbinders glue
    2 x Sheets of text paper
    4 x Boards
    2 x Cover cloth
    1 x Nipping gauge
    4 x Blotting paper
    4 x Silicone release Paper