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Birthday Book Commission - Diana Athill

The first time I met Diana Athill was 18 years ago while working as a publicity assistant for Granta books. She was then 82 years old and I remember attending to her as I would to any other fragile older lady. But the command and brightness in her voice quickly made me realise she had no less bounce in her step than mine and evidently a far brighter mind! 20 years on, the literary legend becomes a centenarian. Diana is a refreshing reminder that while age tightens its grip, your mind and memories can remain a force. She has worked with some of the greatest writers of the 20th century and her own writing is vivid and wonderfully candid. I was delighted to be commissioned to make a hand bound book of personal letters marking this special date and celebrating her extraordinary life (so far!) The book and box were made with egg blue book cloth, her favourite colour. The end-papers and box lining used a floral printed, limited edition paper stock. The headbands were made from the same paper with gold tooling on the edge of the book and box.

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